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Full Service Catering:

Buffet #1                                                Buffet #3
BBQ Chicken                                            BBQ chicken           
Roast beef                                                 Roast Beef                              
Potato salad or macaroni salad                      Rigatoni                  
Bowtie Pasta salad                                      Mashed potatoes     
Cole slow or baked beans                            Garden salad           
Garden salad with dressing                          Dinner roll w/butter
Dinner roll with butter        
                $11.75  per plate + tax and 15% gratuity                           
Buffet #2                                                    Buffet # 4                                                    
Ham                                                          Pulled pork             
Roast Beef                                                  Roast beef               
Potato salad or macaroni salad or                   choice of 2 sides
Au Gratin potatoes                                       Garden salad
Garden salad with dressing                                    
                 $10.75 per plate + tax and 15% gratuity
 Picnic luncheon:                                   Picnic luncheon #2
 Meat and cheese platter                      BBQ chicken 1/2
 Potato salad or macaroni salad           Potato salad or macaroni salad
 Garden salad with dressing                Backed beans or Cole slaw
 Hard roll                                         
                     $8.50 per plate + tax and 15% gratuity  
 Formal buffet :                                    Formal Buffet # 2       
 Ham                                                                   Chicken Cordon blue
 Roast beef                                                         Roast beef 
 Rigatoni with meat sauce                              Rigatoni w/ meat sauce
 Mashed potatoes with gravy                        Mashed potatoes w/ gravy
 Green beans w/ bacon & butter sauce       steamed Italian veggies w/ butter sauce                      
 Garden salad w/ dressing                              Garden salad w/dressing
  Dinner roll w/butter                                        dinner roll w/ butter
*****   Desert: Both formal buffets come with homemade cheese cake or canola’s 
$14.75 plate + tax & 15% gratuity               15.75 plate + tax &15% gratuity
 ****with our full service catering menu all plates and utensils, napkins are included in price.
We also rent white table linens for $7.00 charge per table!!!!
 China available for rent $4.00 per plate setting.  

Drop off catering:

Meats: Bourbon BBQ Chicken: ¼ chicken $2.20 Baked chicken 1.25 piece
Roast Beef: (1 lb serves 4 ) $8.99    Pulled pork ( 1 lb serves 4) 8.99 lb
Ham: (1 lbs serves 4) 5.99 lb    Roasted turkey 6.99 lb

Warm dishes:
Salt potatoes: Single pan (serves approx 25) $18.00 Double pan (serves approx 50) $36.00
Mashed potatoes/gravy: Single pan (serves approx 25)$18.00 Double pan (serves approx 50) $36.00
Au Gratin potatoes: Single pan (serves approx 25 )$24.00 Double pan (serves approx 50)$48.00
Rigatoni: Single pan (serves approx 25) $24.00 Double pan (serves approx 50) $48.00
Steamed vegetables: ½ pan (serves approx 25) $18.00 Single pan (serves approx 50) $36.00
Baked beans: ½ pan (serves approx 25)$ 18.00 Single pan (serves approx 50) $36.00
BBQ Meatballs Single pan (serves approx 25) 34.00 Double pan( serves approx 50) 68.00
Mac & Cheese: (Serves approx 25) $24.00 Double pan (Serves approx 50) $48.00

Cold salads:
Potato salad: double pan serves approx 50 $44.00  single pan approx 25 $22.00 
Macaroni salad: double pan (serves approx 50) 42.00 single pan serves approx 25) 22.00
Cole slaw: double pan (serves approx 50) 42.00 (single pan serves approx 25) $22.00
Bow-tie pasta salad: Double pan (serves approx 50) 48.00 (single pan serves approx 25) 24.00   
Garden salad w/ dressing  (2 double pans serves approx 50) 32.00 (1 double pan serves approx 25) 16.00
Fruit salad: double pan ( serves approx 50) 48.00  (single pan serves approx 25 people) $ 24.00          

Meat and cheese platter: with 2 doz rolls (serves 15-20 people) 48.00
Vegetable platter: (serves approx 50 people) $ 38.00
Fruit platter: (serves 50) $42.00
Cheese and cracker platter (serves 50) 42.00
Shrimp platter (serves approximately 50) 70.00

Brownies: ½ sheet $18.00 (serves 30) Full sheet $36.00 (serves 60)
Cookies tray: $15.00 serves approx 15 people
Cheese cake: ½ sheet$30.00 (serves approx 30). Full sheet $60.00 (serves 60 ) Add $3.00 with cherries
Cannoli: 2 doz $24.00
Éclairs 2 doz $ 36.00

Rolls: 0.38 c
** Foam plate, with silverware pack $0.25 a piece with drop off catering only. Serving utensils will also be provided upon request. A delivery fee will also be added depending on location. Take out catering prices do not include tax. 
We can mix and match to your specific needs: Our drop off catering is what sets us apart from the rest. No more having to leave your event to pick up the food. We bring it to you fresh and hot! 

  Some prices may vary according to what’s in season.
If there is an item you would like and don't see it on our menu, please don't hesitate to ask, we can usually accommodate anyone. Thanks so much for taking the time to review our menu. Make sure to ask about our referral program!
Please call for special fundraising prices!

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